Why isn't Moving fun?

 “May you move a thousand times” runs an old Irish curse.  But if you’re moving to a new place, shouldn't the move be enjoyable?  If you follow most of the advice below, moving can be a pleasant experience.


tips on prices, packing and unpacking

1.       PRICES: Estimates for moves can differ widely.   Why not choose the cheapest option?  Do the more expensive, established companies offer anything that the others don’t?

The answer can be found by following the money behind the scenes.  In the moving industry, very experienced and skillful movers often earn double what beginners earn. Since labor cost is the most substantial factor in determining a mover's price, the amount you spend on your move should be in proportion to the skill your job requires.  You should also consider the amount of stress you feel able to deal with.  A company can claim to be sensitive to your needs, but it takes an experienced professional to know exactly how to ease the stresses that may come with moving.  When you’re in the midst of making big changes, you want a company that will explain things clearly and honestly, and that you trust to help you with all your decisions


2.       PACKING requires a decision on how much you want to pack yourself.  Some people pack to organize and pare down.  This process is pleasant and successful only for somewhat obsessive people, or people who can talk themselves into that frame of mind.  Otherwise, you may end up getting nowhere.  Ask yourself, will packing cause you to miss work?  Balance the impact/cost of lost work time against the expenses.

  There are some items the customer should take of themselves: Daily or weekly medicines, or any other items you need immediate access to, including personal electronics.   


3.       UNPACKING occurs at a vulnerable time, and many people find it unpleasant.  Unpacking is usually not included in the moving price, but you have the option of hiring your mover to it.  Professionals can unpack quickly, and will remove all the unwanted remaining materials for you.

Things to consider:  Is the company detail-oriented?  Do they depend on references and satisfied customers, or do they rely more on flashy advertising?  Is the representative willing to discuss fine points and spell out each expense, or do they try to distract you with empty sales talk? 

Finally, watch out for threats to your morale.  You may have paid too much for your apartment and too much for your real estate agent, but this is the general rule.  You may have experienced trouble with your contractor’s price and his schedule. Not unusual.  Do not hesitate to raise your morale by any means necessary.  Consider paying for a really good mover.

The curse can be lifted.