Your possessions and your furniture are important to you. We understand this.

We know that no matter how skilled your movers are, you may want another layer of protection. Because of this we offer the two following insurance options.


Free Standard Insurance

Free Standard Insurance is an alternative to paying for extra insurance.  This option is free of charge, but entitles you to very little coverage.  The legal wording has not changed for over 60 years and the client’s shipment is covered for only 30 cents per pound per article, which today amounts to almost nothing; e.g. a typical couch is covered for about $30.  If you choose this option you are in effect agreeing that the mover, Brownstone Brothers Moving, is NOT LIABLE FOR ANY CLAIMS over $100 (the coverage on a 3,000 lbs. item).  You are agreeing that for any significant reimbursement (any claim over $100) you will have recourse only to YOUR OWN PERSONAL HOUSEHOLD INSURANCE.   If you have no personal household insurance, or if you do not wish to make a claim on your insurance, THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN BE COVERED is by taking ADDITIONAL REPLACEMENT VALUE INSURANCE THROUGH BROWNSTONE BROTHERS. 

Replacement Value insurance

Replacement Value Insurance covers goods for the value of replacing them with an identical or similar item. In the rare event of damage, the moving company would, first of all, see if a satisfactory repair can be made.   If not, our insurance company, CHUBB, would process a claim for the cost of replacing the item. This insurance can be purchased for $10 per $1000 value of the shipment, with a $500 deductible.  The value stated should reflect the plausible total worth of the goods.  (For example, if your furniture is worth $100,000, you could not take a policy for $15,000, as the insurance company will say you are “underinsured.”)  The minimum declared value on a shipment is $12,000.

The following items are not covered by Replacement Value Insurance:

  • Items not packed by our crew

  • Items made of particle board, press board, or engineered wood (e.g. Ikea furniture)

  • Electronic and mechanical items with no visible damage on the exterior

  • Cash and items of extraordinary value (e.g. jewelry)

  • Plants



If you have any questions, please ask a Brownstone Brothers representative.