Brownstone Brothers Gives Back

GIF by Paul Peterson of Brownstone Brothers

SLi Norum-Gross, C.E.O.    Image by the Ali Forney Center

SLi Norum-Gross, C.E.O.

Image by the Ali Forney Center

Brownstone Brothers has a history of charitable giving, but more recently under SLi Norum-Gross’ direction the company is focusing its’ involvement in the community on LGBTQ advocacy. Over the past several years, the company has partnered with multiple non-profits (The Hetrick Martin Instute, The Ali Forney Center) to provide much-needed clothing items to their clients. These regular donations led to the development of a special relationship with the Ali Forney Center; since 2016, Brownstone Brothers has provided free storage to Ali Forney clients experiencing homelessness.

Based off of, and partnering with a program called The Chicago Youth Storage Initiative, Brownstone Brothers and a team of volunteers are working on a grant to expand what has become known as The Brownstone Storage Project. The Brownstone Storage Project will provide free and secure storage and laundry services to LGBTQ homeless youth throughout New York City. In doing so, this program aims to reduce the stigmatization and emotional stressors that are so often a part of that experience, and ensure the maintenance of belongings and personhood during that time. For more information on The Brownstone Storage Project, please contact, Attn: BSP.

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Brownstone Brothers and NY Casa Group bring you “More Than a Rainbow: Helpful Steps to Creating an LGBTQ-Safe Work Place.” For more information and tickets to their next workshop on October 16th, 2019, click here.