Planning Your Move

reserving the elevator

It is the customer's responsibility to reserve elevators with the supers at buildings of origin and destination.  (Supers do not want to hear from moving companies on this.) When you are arranging dates, please also ask about hours when moving is allowed, e.g. 9 am to 5 pm. Some supers may tell you whether they are strict about these hours, or flexible.   It is also important to note if any of your furniture is unusually large, for example, 8' sofas, huge desks, bookcases, and armoires that don't disassemble; for items like this, consult with your supers about whether they will fit on elevators or in stairways.

Certificates of Insurance

Most buildings require certificates of insurance to be provided by the moving company. We will need the phone numbers of the managing agents or supers of both your present building and your destination, as certificates are tailored specifically to each building.


While Brownstone Brothers offers full packing services, we understand that some items you may want to pack yourself. For those items, please use the guide to the right.