We're Different


We do what no other luxury moving company can do: We perform high-end moves for some of the city's most exacting New Yorkers, and we have a reputation for doing it with personality and class. 

Brownstone Brothers has been family-owned for over 40 years, and has become New York’s premier boutique moving company.  We focus on executing meticulously careful moves, providing you with an estimate and moving plan that is specifically tailored to your home and lifestyle.  Our crew is the hand-picked best in the business, and will ensure that your move goes smoothly.

Owner Bill Gross back in the day

Owner Bill Gross back in the day


Brownstone Brothers Moving & Storage began in the living room of company owner Bill Gross in Manhattan in the 1970s. From the very beginning, Brownstone Brothers has invested in quality over quantity.  As a small, family-run company with very low turnover, most of our office staff and moving crew have been with us for over 10 years. Unlike many of the large, faceless companies in the business, we don't depend on advertising. We rely on our reputation and word of mouth for our business. This means we end up building trusting relationships with customers, who come back to us year after year. 

The history of Brownstone Brothers has begun a new chapter now that Sarah (“SLi”) Norum-Gross, is at the helm. SLi brings a fresh burst of enthusiasm to our company's tradition of quality and care, and has developed Brownstone Brothers into NYC's first LGBTQ-friendly moving company.  Read more about our community partnerships and expanding LGBTQ advocacy efforts here.


We have always been focused on the quality of our crew rather than the quantity of our moves. Our movers are some of the best in the business, endlessly hardworking and charming to boot. We love our employees, and pay them the living wages they deserve.  This translates into high morale on the job, and, believe it or not, a fun move. 

“May you move a thousand times,” runs an old Irish curse.  But if you’re moving to a new place, shouldn’t the move be enjoyable?  With Brownstone Brothers, the curse can be lifted.


Our Team

Our moving crew is well-liked by our customers!

Our moving crew is well-liked by our customers!


Our movers are some of the most skilled in the business of luxury moving.  More than that, you'll enjoy their company.  Yes, they know how to pack antiques and handle fine art, and yes, they're tenaciously hardworking, but they also have wit and charm. The people who meet our exacting standards usually end-up staying with us for decades.

Our office staff and estimators will offer you a personal level of service few companies can match.   From the first phone call, you will speak to someone with experience in, and enthusiasm for the moving business.  We believe it is important that everyone we work with is able to discuss the fine points of moving, as opposed to just empty sales talk.

Moving can be stressful.  Do not hesitate to raise your morale by any means necessary.  Consider paying for a really good mover.