Of all the ways to move, why choose Brownstone Brothers?

Brownstone Brothers Moving and Storage is a small company that has been doing local and long-distance moves for over 40 years.  Since Bill Gross began the company in his family's living room, most of our customers are referred to us or have used us before.  We very rarely advertise.  Our business is primarily residential moving and storage, with some commercial work as well.  

The history of Brownstone Brothers has begun a new chapter now that Bill Gross' daughter, Sarah Norum-Gross, is at the helm.  The overriding concern of Brownstone Brothers has always been the quality of our work, which Sarah is dedicated to maintaining.  Bill has also always been an advocate for charitable donations.  Sarah is continuing in this vein by combining her background in LGBTQ advocacy with Brownstone's expertise in moving and storage.  Brownstone Brothers currently partners with the Ali Forney Center to provide free storage for LGBTQ youth in need.  That, among their many testimonials from customers, speaks to Brownstone's unique and special place among New York City's small businesses. 


Moving in every borough

Both local and long-distance moves can be booked by calling our office and scheduling a free estimate.

Rates: Binding estimates available after in-person estimate only.

Hourly: $40/hr per truck, $50/hr per mover.

All the following are for 1 truck:
2 movers: $140/hr.
3 movers: $190/hr.
4 movers; $240/hr.
5 movers: $290/hr.
6 movers: $340/hr.
7 movers: $390/hr.
8 movers: $440/hr.

Unpacking is always billed hourly.

Insurance is additional: 


our office and storage Facility

Our completely fireproof storage facility is protected by 24-hour electronic surveillance and guard service.  Our business office is in the same building as our storage facility, and customers can have items delivered, inspected and professionally prepared for long or short-term storage.  Our storage is pro-rated by the day, based on precise cubic footage, and our rates are competitive with the larger, corporate companies.

Rates: $0.72 per cubic foot, plus tax.

200 cubic foot minimum ($144/monthly plus tax)

Storage insurance is additional at $4.00 per $1,000 declared value, with a $500 deductible and $12,000 declared value minimum/per month.


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Why We're Different

We focus on executing meticulously careful moves, providing you with an estimate and moving plan that is specifically tailored to your home and lifestyle.  From the person who answers the phone, to the estimator, to the moving crew and warehouse manager, the entire staff is dedicated to ensuring your move and/or storage experience with us is a pleasant one.

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